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At Special Care Pharmacy, we believe that first-rate patient care is the product of working closely with prescribers, pharmaceutical companies and payors on behalf of the patients.

We work with drug manufacturers through all stages of a product’s lifecycle—from research and clinical trials to product launch, educational outreach and cost management—to introduce products and help them succeed in the marketplace.

We owe it to our patients to be present during these and other processes that may directly affect their treatment.

Eye on the ball

Successful pharmaceutical product launches and effective support programs are those that consistently focus on the well-being of patients. Our business principles are therefore aligned with the needs of patients, who must travel the difficult journey of managing a serious illness.

Why Special Care Pharmacy Services?

We are the leading specialty pharmacy in Puerto Rico because we do much more than dispense medications. We offer additional personalized services to patients and prescribers, and we partner with drug manufacturers and payors to provide first-rate products and services that create the best experience possible for patients.

Special Care Pharmacy has the advantage of being a Puerto Rican company that understands the local cultural forces that shape the expectations and habits of patients, as well as the business practices of physicians, insurance companies and PBMs on the island.

We prize our clinical staff, going out of our way to find the most qualified pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses, as well as experienced and compassionate case managers, sales reps and couriers.


We are your ideal partners for specialized pharmaceutical care.

Count on us for all of the following services:

  • Precise and complete data reports
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program management
  • Patient Assistance Program Management
  • Drug and treatment adherence programs
  • Patient education programs for drug and therapy administration
  • Dedicated staff for financial aid services through co-pay cards or foundations
  • Adverse Event and Product Complaint Data Reporting
  • Incident report analysis and evaluation
  • Expert team of specialized drug management
  • Management of limited distribution drugs
  • Daily delivery routes
  • Pharmacy consulting services
  • Special assistance during emergencies, non-working hours and weekends
  • Quality Assurance department
  • Full compliance with state and federal laws and regulations

Plus, we have been accredited by The Joint Commission since 2007.


Quality Assurance

Patient safety is a top priority. Our pharmacists, nurses and support staff are trained to maintain the strictest compliance with federal and local regulations as well as with our own quality assurance and safety measures.

Quality Assurance Responsibilities:

  • Internal audits to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, including internal policies and procedures
  • Trend analysis of adverse events, incidents and customer complaints reported
  • Quality control processes for pharmacy operations
  • Yearly training for all company employees to ensure compliance with:
    • Internal policies and procedures
    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance training
    • CMS Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) training
  • SOP review and creation of new policies and procedures
  • Ensure licenses and certifications of the pharmacy and staff are up to date
  • Preventive maintenance for all medical equipment
  • Customer satisfaction surveys


Select a Center of Excellence to learn more about our areas of expertise.


▸ Multiple Sclerosis


▸ Blood Disorders
▸ Cancers


▸ Crohn’s Disease
▸ Psoriatic Arthritis
▸ Psoriasis
▸ Rheumatoid Arthritis
▸ Ulcerative Colitis


▸ Growth Hormone Deficiency
▸ Hemophilia
▸ Rare Conditions


▸ Hepatitis

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