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Cost efficient to the core

At Special Care Pharmacy, we are fanatical about cost efficiency and proactive cost management. We understand how critical it is for PBMs and health insurance companies and to control their trend and combat drug cost inflation. Our cost-efficient systems and procedures make pharmaceutical spending more predictable and manageable for you.

High adherence, minimal waste

Our patient-centric approach works for everyone. Our philosophy of holding patients by the hand every step of the way leads to high adherence rates and minimized waste.

Why Special Care Pharmacy Services?

We are the leading specialty pharmacy in Puerto Rico because we do much more than dispense medications. We offer additional personalized services to patients and prescribers, and we partner with drug manufacturers and payors to provide first-rate products and services that create the best experience possible for patients.

Being a Puerto Rican company, Special Care Pharmacy understands the local cultural forces that shape the expectations and habits of patients, as well as the business practices of physicians, insurance companies and PBMs on the island.

We prize our clinical staff, going out of our way to find the most qualified pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses, as well as experienced and compassionate case managers, sales reps and couriers.


We can control your trend and supply your demand.

Our policies and procedures are designed to assure the highest quality care for patients, and efficiency for clients and partners.

  • Optimum results
  • High adherence
  • Waste management through clinical monitoring
  • Efficient quality control


  • Locally owned and run company
  • First specialty pharmacy established in Puerto Rico (1997)
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program management
  • Patient education programs for drug and therapy administration
  • Drug and treatment adherence programs
  • Joint Commission Home Care Accreditation since 2007
  • Quality Assurance department
  • Adverse effect report generation and submission
  • Incident and submitted claims analysis and reporting
  • High-touch customer service
  • Dedicated staff for financial aid services through co-pay cards
  • Free drug deliveries throughout the island
  • Home infusion services
  • Professional Infusion Center
  • Pharmacy consulting services
  • Special assistance during non-working hours and on weekends
  • Professional business executive team that assists patients, prescribers and pharmacy staff with all required documentation, thus enabling a faster drug authorization process


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▸ Multiple Sclerosis


▸ Blood Disorders
▸ Cancers


▸ Crohn’s Disease
▸ Psoriatic Arthritis
▸ Psoriasis
▸ Rheumatoid Arthritis
▸ Ulcerative Colitis


▸ Growth Hormone Deficiency
▸ Hemophilia
▸ Rare Conditions


▸ Hepatitis

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