Our Team

Meet our team

Our team has the experience, skills, and compassion to provide the unique care that patients with chronic, complex, and rare conditions need and deserve.

Operating staff


Clinical and Nursing Staff

Our clinical staff—pharmaceutical doctors, licensed pharmacists, and nurses—provides patients with education and help to ensure medications are being used correctly and in compliance with their treatment.

Our nursing staff has two main roles:

  • Administering home infusions and/or educate patients regarding their medications
  • Patient education
    • Condition
    • Medication
    • Treatment compliance

Registered Pharmacy Technicians

Our registered pharmacy technicians perform the following duties:

  • Prescription management
  • Dispatch of medications

As case managers, they stay in direct contact with our patients.  The team is divided into 5 specialty areas:

Delivery Technicians

Our delivery technicians are trained by our pharmacist staff on the following policies and procedures:

  • HIPAA / data confidentiality
  • Storage and handling of medications
  • Transport of medications
  • Drug spill protocol
  • Document handling

Service Representative

We work with a group of professionals who have thorough knowledge of our products and services. They are committed to ensuring a close doctor-patient-pharmacy relationship for the benefit of our customers.


The great family of Special Care Pharmacy Services

We do much more than process your prescriptions. We are always available to answer your questions and provide the support you need.